VIP Program for Senior Managers

Senior managers and executives are expected to be sharp, eloquent and precise. When it comes to a second language, the challenge is even greater due to the challenge of conducting fluent communication in English on both professional and mundane topics. When managers are required to convey complex messages in a foreign language, they don’t only tackle the language barrier, but they must also deal with cultural differences, unfamiliar customs and different business conduct.

Through our VIP program, senior executives are empowered to do what they do best, in English! Each client is personally supported by one of our best language coaches, teaching him/her how to maintain a high level of professionalism and proper cultural conduct. By conveying business messages in an optimal way, managers will be able to maintain their status and scope of influence within and outside of the organization.

The VIP service includes:

  • intercultural guidance
  • translation and editing of business correspondence
  • preparation for important meetings
  • preparation for presentations in English
  • training before important conference calls
  • preparation and training for relocation
  • support with any other language need related to conducting global business in English
  • a personal language coach who is regularly available

Our language coaches have years of proven experience with senior personnel working in international markets. We provide personal service according to the client’s unique requirements and needs.

The service is provided on a regular basis, with maximum flexibility and availability, allowing for more unmediated cooperation. We encourage the open-door policy, in which you can contact your coach directly to ask questions, schedule meetings, send emails for correction, consult on pressing issues and request their accompaniment to important meetings.

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