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Our Local and Overseas Partners

Our Local and Overseas Partners

Ayelet Zadok

Our partner in teaching kids and teenagers is the founder and leading teacher at English-Online

Ayelet, our partner in general-spoken English courses for kids and teenagers has been an English teacher and lecturer for the past 15 years. She graduated with honors with a degree in literature, linguistics and teaching English – a degree which was always her dream.

In high school Ayelet learned the language but felt she was not actually taught to communicate in English. Her dream was to speak English fluently. So, she decided to immerse herself in English – through friends, reading, watching English content, participating in events and studying with good teachers.

Ayelet fulfilled her dream and reached native English level! In her teaching of English, she focuses on understanding the difficulties faced by English-learners and fine-tunes her teaching methods accordingly. This is done by continuously learning and developing and by finding new solutions to students’ individual challenges. For the past 15 years, Ayelet has been teaching young people, students and adults and has already completed thousands of hours.

The method she teaches simulates an English-speaking environment. Learning is conducted by implementing a curriculum that is developed and tailored according to the goals of each student. Her method also includes guided and self-practice. Most importantly – she is always there in TriEnglish to motivate, encourage and develop perseverance among her students.

Ayelet addresses all types of difficulties that her students raise and develops online courses that address these needs. Thus, she leads her students, hand in hand, to success.

Ayelet Zadok – English-Online for Kids & Teenagers

Vanessa Seyman, Advocate

Our partner in global negotiation workshops is an expert and consultant in negotiation processes who assists managers in optimizing negotiations to deliver optimal business results

Vanessa is a professional negotiator and consultant for complex negotiation processes. She has been working for over a decade as part of a team of senior negotiation consultants, specializing in accompanying and advising negotiation processes.

Vanessa accompanies negotiation processes in a variety of industries in the private and public sectors and operates in the professional negotiation world – from teaching, content development and work methodologies to accompanying and advising in complex negotiation processes.

She works closely with senior and middle-level executives, in a wide range of negotiation contexts, all over the world, with an emphasis on business negotiation processes in the areas of project management, procurement, property and real estate.

Ms. Seyman works with procurement bodies in imparting the theory of professional negotiation to the organization and its characteristics. She also advises and accompanies business negotiation processes with suppliers, customers, authorities and financial and institutional bodies in everything related to improving the day-to-day business conduct of the business vis-à-vis external and internal factors. She specializes in the interface between negotiation and government and politics, procurement and engagement management, family business management, the interface between negotiation and the world of construction/real estate, as well as the interface between the negotiation profession and gender.

She writes and publishes on these topics and is active in frameworks for the empowerment of women in Israel and around the world. She holds a law degree from the College of Management, a bachelor’s degree with honors in diplomacy and security studies from Tel Aviv University, a Master’s degree in business administration – specializing in managerial psychology, and is a graduate of PON (Program on Negotiation) from Harvard Law School.

Vanessa Seyman – Planning Negotiation Processes

Efrat Machikawa

Our partner in intercultural communication workshops is a multicultural advisor (specializing in Japan) and international project manager

Efrat holds a Master’s degree from the University of Edinburgh in teaching English as a second language (TESOL) and a bachelor’s degree from the Hebrew University in East Asian Studies. She is a graduate of the first community project management course of Shenkar and the Rothschild Foundation and also holds a curatorial certificate from the Roots Treasures School.

For over twenty years she has been involved in education and public activities that mediate between different cultural extremes in Tokyo, Japan. Between 1995 and 1998 she stayed with her husband in Mozambique, Africa, where she set up the Department of English Teaching at the Portuguese School.

After that, for about a decade, she worked as a language and community relations coordinator in Tokyo at the International School (with students from about 70 countries), where she initiated and led projects that helped the international and local community produce meaningful encounters.

She has served as an academic and business English lecturer in unique tracks, advising and lecturing to companies and organizations that strive to deepen their knowledge of multicultural content.

Efrat continues to lead global projects and form a human bridge between the various worlds while being involved in various public, community and educational activities.


Our partner in the Netherlands is a senior business English coach and intercultural communication expert

Sandra completed her BA in Education at the Noordelijke Hogeschool  Leeuwarden, in the city of Leeuwarden, located in northern Holland.

Because she is passionate about travelling around the world and meeting new peoples and cultures, she chose to complete her practical training with us in 2010. During her internship, she attended TriEnglish business English courses and soon became our specialist in intercultural differences in the business context, focusing on Europe in general and on the Netherlands in particular.

She is open, friendly and talented, and is well-familiar with tailoring each course to the client’s specific needs and aspirations.


Our partner in London is an advocate and a professional-legal editor and advisor

Efi was raised in South Africa. He obtained a Bachelor’s of Law, a Bachelor’s of Commerce and the Baccalaureus Procurationis from The University of South Africa.

Efi moved to London and, in addition to practicing law and coaching business people, he is promoting a private venture dealing with energy conservation in South-Africa.

The cultural wealth he has been exposed to throughout his life, along with his openness and sensitivity, have turned him into an outstanding coach in the field of business and legal English. As a Language Coach, Efi is articulate and charismatic and he brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience in the global business and legal arenas, as well as the ability to bridge cultural gaps.

With his positive energy, comprehensive knowledge and the capability to connect to each client on both professional and personal levels, Efi is a true asset to TriEnglish.

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