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Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us – Because improving your English communication skills generates a competitive edge to your business, including:

  • An improved ability to understand and use professional terminology in today’s international business market.
  • Enhanced effectiveness in negotiating in English, with increased awareness of your counterpart’s cultural sensitivities.
  • An upgraded ability to communicate your company’s added value to your clients.
  • A continuous advantage which you and your company have worked so hard to develop.

Why choose us? Because our service is tailor-made and is built with personal attention to the client’s values and needs. The material, level, pace and time-frame of the courses are all tailored to the client’s requirements. Thus, a special emphasis is given to the vocabulary and professional terminology relevant to their specific work environment. Choose between a personalized course or group lessons and focus on the areas of English that matter most to you.

Why choose us? Because we offer a high level of professional teaching: Our experienced and dynamic language coaches are university graduates and speak English as their mother tongue. We assign them courses according to their background and specialization. Moreover, we keep an open and creative attitude toward teaching business English while keeping our lessons clear and enjoyable, yet challenging.

Why us? Because of the especially high level of client satisfaction. Our client recommendations speak for themselves: Client Recommendations

Why us? Because our language coaches are located across the country which allows for immediate availability as well as flexibility in choosing the course location.

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