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What’s New?

Something new is always on the burner at TriEnglish. Here are just a few of the exciting things we have been up to...

Professional Business English Courses at the Tax Authorities

We recently completed a unique and successful project with the Israel Tax Authority (ITA), teaching business English skills which focused on tax jargon, business communication skills such as managing meetings and delivering presentations as well as reading and discussing related academic articles. The participants, all managers and key professional personnel at the ITA, were divided to three groups according to their English level. The groups were composed of up to ten participants in order to allow each learner to practice and present professional issues as well as academic articles. The lessons were conducted in a friendly yet challenging atmosphere with various types of activities and simulations. The professionals in the program were not only greatly motivated to improve their confidence and fluency in both speaking and writing but they were also curious, interested and eager to partake in the many speaking and writing activities throughout the course. This positive attitude, shared but all the learners, was conducive for reaching the project’s goals, including improving the participants’ overall professional spoken and written language, increasing the effectiveness of their communication in the global arena as well as enhancing their ability to understand, describe and discuss professional and academic issues. In addition to its effectiveness, this program was a unique opportunity for us to meet and teach a group of friendly, cheerful and hard-working ITA representatives.

Coaching Participants from the Mandel Leadership Program

Working with the Mandel Leadership program students has been especially rewarding and interesting for our language coaches. The Mandel Leadership program learners are accomplished professionals in diverse educational arenas across Israel, and enriching and improving their business English skills is one more step on their ladder towards reaching both their individual and career goals. These leaders in the Israeli education system have been learning professional English over the last six months with our language coaches using the Zoom platform. The focus of their courses is to enhance the learners’ communications skills, be it through email writing or face-to-face and remote meetings, with philanthropists, foundations, and Jewish community leaders from around the world. Our teachers’ focus with them is on enriching their professional vocabulary, presenting presentations more effectively, using functional language in meetings, and any other business English related skills that make their interaction with their global interfaces more effective and successful.

Skype/Telephone Individual Coaching Program

Our new and improved Skype/Telephone Individual Coaching Program is designed for intermediate to high-level English speakers who prefer to learn from their office or home, or while making the commute to and from their workplace. This program focuses on enhancing the learner’s already solid English communication skills by simulating daily interaction with their global contacts, with a strong emphasis on improving ease of speech and confidence as well as broadening and enriching their professional and daily vocabulary.

Preparing for Your Next Job Interview

Interview preparation is an effective and flourishing program that our clients choose when faced with an interview for either a local position with a regional English speaking manager or for a global position that requires strong English abilities. Our human resources oriented language coaches work with our clients in gaining the confidence needed to ace their interviews. Our ad-hoc interview preparation lessons focus on answering behavioral interview questions, presenting CV content and work experience, employing intercultural communication skills and political correctness in the interview, presenting professional strengths and weaknesses, using body language to their advantage, and of course, fine-tuning our client’s grammar. One or two sessions always does the trick.

JDC Special Programs

TriEnglish continues to have both the pleasure and privilege of preparing JDC contingencies for their trips abroad. Our current round of English courses for the “Digital Leaders” and “Roim Rachok” programs are designed to focus on incorporating common English expressions into small talk and professional business conversations, presenting significant data and figures to a global audience, simulating mock debates and introducing respective job positions to colleagues the participants will meet during their upcoming visits to both London and Harvard University. As part of the course, each participant facilitates a round-table discussion about an article pertinent to their field of expertise which allows the group to practice their discussion skills in English, improve their professional vocabulary, correct grammar mistakes that stand out, and at the same time, follow the global code of professional conduct, otherwise known as intercultural behavior and communication.

Group Courses at Intel Jerusalem

On-going English courses at Intel are always highly demanding with very specific goals in mind for each particular student. Most Intel employees perform their daily work in English so they have a great need for courses that improve and enhance their everyday spoken and written business English communication skills. Since understanding intercultural communication goes hand in hand with working for a global company like Intel, these skills are improved by replicating daily conversations and rewriting actual emails the students bring to their lessons with our language coach.

English Open Hours at Cibus

Most of us are familiar with Cibus as the leading provider of business meals across the country. Due to its recent acquisition by a multinational company, the immediate need to improve the English level of its managers has arisen. Cibus signed up for our Englsih Open Hours service. Twice a week on set days, a senior teacher comes to Cibus and meets individually with each director. The meetings provide a long-term solution by learning and improving the learners’ oral proficiency, writing and business communication skills in general. Moreover, the service also provides ad- hoc answers to any immediate need such as preparation for a presentation or writing an important email in English. For more information about our English Open Hours Service

Lecture on intercultural differences at dbMotion

What happens when an American company buys an Israeli company and teams from both sides need to collaborate on daily basis? How can language and cultural gaps be bridged? How do we recognize these gaps? And what is their impact on the success of the cooperation? These questions and others were answered during a fascinating lecture given to all managers and employees of dbMotion – the leading provider of health interoperability solutions.

Language Coaching to Graduates of Mandel Institute

As educational and social leaders, many of Mandel graduates work with international organizations and are often required to present their vision and their work in English. Striving to increase their sense of confidence, the first English course was recently opened. The main goal is to enable the graduates to acquire tools to improve their language skills in a variety of disciplines required in their work life, such as presenting a vision, building international and intercultural partnerships, and conducting a fruitful dialogue with donors and partners. An emphasis is put on active participation and peer learning. Thus, in the beginning of each lesson, one participant presents her/his vision, which forms the basis for discussion and learning. In addition, the lessons incorporate exercises and simulations designed to yield practical experience.

English Open Hours

Many of our clients turn to us with numerous questions and requests regarding their on-going business communication, while many of our clients complete their course with a taste for more. This is why we offer a simple and effective service, English Open Hours. This includes regular weekly hours at which time one of our teachers arrives at the company and is available for any English-related questions as well as for writing emails and professional documents, preparing for a presentation or a meeting, etc. Once these on-going meetings are integrated in the company and their proven benefits are realized, they turn into a weekly routine which provides the entire company answers to each business communication skill in English.
For more information about our English Open Hours

A string of one-on-one courses at Microsemi

Each of these courses has its own individual flavor since the managers deals with completely different areas of responsibility. The common thread is the accent on professional business English and focus on the target issues for each individual manager. Our goals here are to ease this international powerhouse’s dealings with subsidiaries and international clients, as even homegrown corporations work in a global context.

A series of business writing workshops at Check Point

A series of business writing workshops that hit the key issues of electronic correspondence. Once is not always enough! Each of the 3 business writing workshops that we gave was attended by a different group of personnel from a wide variety of departments. Focusing on electronic correspondence allowed us to address an area of interest common to everyone involved. Our workshops grew from half-day seminars to a full-day workshop in order to cover more ground and touch on more issues

Personally designed courses for the CEOs of hi-tech companies

The Israeli greenhouse hi-tech industry is alive, well and continuously producing amazing products. Presenting new products to international corporations for production can be a problem without the language tools to make oneself understood. Many start-up companies look to us to polish their English so that they feel confident in presenting their product and in representing their company.

Kesselman Global Risk Management Solutions

The company has purchased a series of seven unique workshops for its entire staff. The workshops center around the various business communication skills needed to provide smooth and clear consultation to the many international firms Kesselman is working with.

English courses at David Lubinski car importers

Whether it’s technical English for mechanical technicians or general English courses for office staff, David Lubinski invest in their staff and provide them with the tools they need in the international business/technical car industry. Their underlying personal and professional commitment allowed us to provide them with the English language skills they needed to advance in today’s modern world.

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