Win-Win Negotiations

Learn how to negotiate across countries and cultures with our global negotiation experts

Negotiating with an American business person is completely different from negotiating with representatives from Japan. And effective negotiation techniques with European managers are irrelevant when operating in the Far East.

TriEnglish presents an exclusive training program in collaboration advocate and global negotiation expert, Ms. Vanessa Seiman.

We invite you to a unique and exclusive workshop which combines professional knowledge alongside practical tools in negotiations. In the global reality of the 21st century, characterized by dynamism, business complexity and multiplicity of players from all cultures, manager must adopt optimal skills in both negotiation and English. These content worlds go hand in hand. On the one hand, a lack of planning for negotiations will compromise the results, and on the other hand, poor English communication can damage the negotiator and the organization they represent. The workshop, with a recommended scope of five 4-hour sessions, focuses on the main issues and challenges of conducting global negotiations while conducting structured simulations and role-plays in order to methodologically polish the participants’ business English skills as well.

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