Face-to-Face Lessons

In order to increase the effectiveness of businesspeople in their work abroad or with foreign contacts, this business English course is concentrated on providing individuals with a framework to develop their conversational skills with an emphasis on fluency and accuracy, and with proper direction. In addition, the personal training program works on strengthening business skills unique to each learner’s work environment and the nature of their work, including developing negotiation capabilities, delivering presentations, and writing e-mails. All of these are accomplished along with expanding the client’s vocabulary and relevant business terminology, analyzing current business events in the international arena and by simulating and role-playing common scenarios unique to each business professional’s industry.

This face-to-face business English program is built according to the client’s real needs and adapted to their specific goals, and at the same time learning and practicing communication skills that are essential to the global business world.

Many of the skills you will gain and improve on include:‎

  • presenting yourself and the company you represent
  • participating in phone meetings, conference calls and small talk with customers and guests from abroad
  • ‎international communication in the business ‎arena
  • negotiation skills‎ in English
  • ‎preparing presentations in English and talking in front of an English-speaking audience‎
  • participating in business meetings‎
  • writing business emails and documents‎
  • ‎practicing speaking about diverse topics while learning relevant vocabulary

This program can be combined with other remote platforms such as Zoom/phone/Google Meet.

Courses can be held nationwide.‎

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