Unlike Hebrew, the English language makes great use of the ‘upper case’, or CAPITAL letter. Below are the eight occasions where you must use capital letters:

  • For the first word of every sentence
    During the past two months we have raised $1,000,000
  • For main words in headings (excluding articles, prepositions and conjunctions)
    Proposal to Expand and Develop the Market
  • For titles of books, reports, etc. (excluding articles, prepositions and conjunctions)
    My First Ten Years in the Business
  • For the first word of a list item written in sentence format
    Item three: Why should employees pay for lunch at work?
  • For acronyms
    Since 1999 the WTO has welcomed several new members
  • For the names of days and months
    The meeting is set for the first Monday in September
  • For the names of companies, buildings, streets, etc.
    IBM is located in Asia House, on Shaul Halmelach Street
  • For people’s names
    Jim Fairbanks will be presenting the sales figures for Q4 at 6pm

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