Webinars & Seminars

Due to the growing need of companies and organizations to improve the business English level of managers and employees, and due to the short time-frame they face in a dynamic and demanding business world, we have developed a variety of useful workshops. The workshops are interactive and combine simulations, role-plays and group discussions. The advantage of these workshops is that they are short, yet cover the chosen topic in a focused and comprehensive manner.

Below you can review our selection of workshops. It should be noted that this list provides a preliminary idea of what is available, and that each workshop is built following our mutual acquaintance and in accordance with the client’s needs, choice of content, study materials and time-frame.

  • Business English in an International Environment
  • Building and Delivering Compelling Presentations in English
  • Applied Grammar for Speaking and Writing
  • Business Email Correspondence in English
  • Intercultural Communication in International Business
  • The English Language as a Gateway to US Culture
  • Socializing and Small Talk in the business context
  • Win-Win Negotiations in the Global Arena

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