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On-line Coaching with Zoom

On-line Coaching with Zoom

Business professionals who would like to take advantage of this rare time period being at home and who want to improve and strengthen their business English skills and confidence when using the English language – This is the plan for you!‎

Our on-line learning program (zoom, Google, telephone or WhatsApp), enables you to improve your business English from the first session. Through on-line business English sessions, which are tailored to the level and needs of each client and combined with rich and easily accessible teaching materials, you can improve your spoken fluency, vocabulary, ability to write emails in English and your confidence starting from the first session. You can study flexible hours from anywhere and with the same professional teacher (American/British) throughout your entire course.

In addition, on-line business English classes allow businesspeople, mid-level and high-level managers and executives to prepare for business meetings, perform simulations of upcoming presentations, practice job interviewing skills, and even perfect that ever important elevator speech – so you can do business when you’re at your best.

‎On-line personal business English training is designed for customers who prefer to learn with maximum flexibility, whether it’s from home, the office or any other convenient location you prefer. This program focuses on improving the student’s levels of speech, understanding and writing, improving their fluency and self-confidence, as well as their ability to deliver effective and successful spoken and written business messages. In addition, with a series of focused conversations in English, you can enrich and expand your vocabulary in any area you choose.

It’s important to remember that improving your business English develops your ability to express yourself and enables you to make an impact and have an influence in the global business arena.

Benefits our clients receive learning business English in on-line meetings:

  • Dynamic sessions that combine conversation, email writing and vocabulary enrichment‎.
  • You can prepare for meetings, presentations and job interviews in English.‎
  • You can learn from anywhere, with maximum flexibility with lesson times and frequency‎.
  • The focus is on business English tailored to each customer’s specific profession.
  • You progress at your own pace.
  • You save valuable time, which you can devote to practicing the language‎ skills you have learned.
  • The program can be stopped at any time‎.
  • Learn with the same professional and skilled American/British language coaches who specialize in teaching business English, and know how to teach each client according to their individual learning style, preferences and specific needs‎.
  • For maximum effectiveness, on-line business English learning can be combined with in-person lessons with the same language coach.

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