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Preparing for Job Interviews

A job interview can be stressful, which is why preparing for it well will maximize your chances of moving on to the next level and getting into the role you want. When the job interview is conducted in English, the pressure increases because you must not only convey your message and content clearly and with focus, but you must also do so using fluent English. In order to prepare for this all-important interview, it is important to practice, over and over again, by simulating and role-playing to polish your abilities. We also recommend filming and recording yourself, so you can watch yourself in action and then enhance and polish the essential interviewing aspects such as tone, body language and speech errors.‎

The following is a list of questions that are seemingly clear and simple, but they test the candidate’s ability to respond to and describe their values, communication skills, professional demeanor, and methods candidate’s use when dealing with a myriad of situations at their workplace. Your answers are thoroughly analyzed, so it’s important to prepare yourself optimally and get prepared for any scenario or question while projecting openness, knowledge, and self-confidence.‎

  1. What were the reasons for leaving former work places?
  2. What did you like in your former job, what didn’t you like, and why?
  3. What would your former managers say about you as an employee – your strengths and weaknesses?
  4. What would colleagues and/or employees say about you?
  5. What kinds of situations make you frustrated at work?
  6. What irritates you at work?
  7. What happens when you get irritated or frustrated – how is it demonstrated in your behavior?
  8. What is important for you in a job (for example: the type of work, the work environment, people, salary)?
  9. In your opinion, what makes a good manager? What is the most effective way for you to work with your manager and for your manager to manage you (“long rope/short rope”)?
  10. How would you characterize colleagues you enjoy working with? What kind of people are difficult/more challenging for you to work with and why? Which do you prefer – working on a team or working independently? To what extent? Why?
  11. What added value do you bring with you to this position? In other words, why should we hire you?
  12. Where do you see yourself in five years? What professional milestones you would like to pursue?
  13. Which responsibilities or tasks do you believe will be easier for you to “slip” right into and which ones are going to be more challenging? Why?

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