Recruiting English Speakers

In today’s global business arena, many positions require a high-level of English proficiency. Candidates’ English level is one of the most important parameters as well as a crucial factor in their chances to succeed in their new global role. Positions requiring a high-level of English are often filled with unsuitable recruits, thus inflicting unnecessary expenses as well as substantial time and energy loss to the organization.

We support organizations in their recruitment process of English-speaking candidates. The service includes a comprehensive level exam and an in-depth interview in English. We then submit the client both our comprehensive analysis and professional recommendation which ensure hiring the most suitable people for the job.

The service is recommended for companies and organizations that work in international markets and wish to hire competent employees whose role require on-going communication in English.

We can provide the service in two possible ways: either a personal meeting with the candidate or via an on-line exam followed by a telephone interview.

Companies that take advantage of this service receive a clear picture that accurately reflects the language proficiency of applicants, thereby assuring the recruitment of the most suitable candidates.

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